Kairos Defined

"You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again." - Benjamin Franklin

The ancient Greeks had two words for time:  chronos and kairos. Chronos refers to chronological or sequential time. Real estate markets are cyclical, and most spend resources focusing on chronos for opportunity. 

Kairos translates time as:  the supreme opportune moment, when an opening appears, which must be driven through with decisiveness, if success is to be achieved.  In archery, kairos denotes the moment in which an arrow may be fired with sufficient force to penetrate a target. 

The existence of kairos requires a simultaneous combination of: a) the ability to identify the opportunity, b) decisive execution, and c) successful achievement in that single moment - regardless of the chronos period of the market. 

Asset Strategy Redefined

The need to evolve ...

Technological and global markets have evolved in a way that the real estate and investment industry has not fully adapted to yet. Kairos Asset Strategies is the first move toward providing a new solution.

... during downturns

In-house staffing can be difficult to maintain during downturns or when investments go sideways. Long term obligations for compensation and benefits can often inhibit the financial flexibility needed to experience the kairos needed to change the course of performance on an investment. 

... during growth periods

When markets are healthy and companies cannot qualify and hire quickly enough in its growth stage, a quick supplemental solution eliminates the stress of losing acquisition opportunities and the distraction of decision making for staff when the focus should be on investing in assets.

The Uncommon Consultant

Quality and Experience

With over fourteen years of direct investor representation experience in every stage of a real estate investment asset, Kairos Asset Strategies offers fully integrated decision making, interconnecting viewpoints from all stages. Whereas most consultants produce from a short-term silo perspective, we offer more circumspect perspective that considers acquisitions and underwriting to market research, accounting/reporting, asset management, and disposition. Kairos Asset Strategies has wide-ranging experience growing companies from as small as five employees to as large as 40 employees. Clients are guaranteed performance at the quality of a dedicated employee, but with the full flexibility and cost benefit of a consultant.

Speed and Adaptability

Kairos Asset Strategies offers years of successful experience in a wide range of economic contexts: 

  • Starting with institutional equity investments in homebuilding during the peak of the for-sale market
  • Work-outs during the mortgage crisis 
  • Subsequent opportunistic vulture acquisitions and asset management for real estate-backed note purchases and distressed assets in various product types across multiple markets
  • Creation of asset management platforms for both equity and a bridge lending start up
  • Quick turn-around investment committee reports for high profile international investors during the peak of international investing in US real estate
  • On the forefront of repositioning new creative office for underutilized projects in DTLA
  • Developing start-up to institutional level processes for a leading cannabis capital and management real estate portfolio, including but not limited to site selection, retail store build out, and ground-up cultivation entitlement and development.

All prior experiences were successful because of our commitment to quick adaptation and constant pivoting to the changing environment. Detailed transaction experience available upon request.

Integrity and Alignment

Creative compensation structures includes a retainer, progress payments, and completion incentives aligned with the goal of the work product for the client. Previously having hired consultants successfully as in-house asset management, Kairos Asset Strategies understands that the best performers are those who engage as though they are investors. From that viewpoint, we ensure the accuracy and quality of our work product as your consultants. The long term success of Kairos Asset Strategies is highly contingent on its continued reputation of excellence and confidentiality for its clients. Kairos is driven by a sincere passion, integrity, and ambition for the form of highest financial returns to investors and equivalent socio-economic returns for the community where the investments are located. Prior to engagement, Kairos interviews clients as diligently as we expect clients to interview us.